Oyster Opera

Bekal - Kerala

Oyster Opera

Inaugurated in the year of 2007 "Oyster Opera" is done and run by G.S Gul who was honored national award by the Government of India to his effort for uplifting poor coastal folk by applying innovative ideas. He is the first Indian who farmed mussel on coir and parted this technology to the poor locals and now there are 6000 farmer's majority of them are women.

The remarkable enterprise of G.S Gul with oyster as his theme, also identified the tourism potential of the region and for the course of uplifting the socio-economic standards of village folk, he transformed to give the villagers an opportunity to break the shackles of unemployment and at the same time contributing this theme to the world of tourism, where mussel farming on coir, collection of abundant natural backwater resources as oysters and clams are done on daily basis identified by the Tourism Department of Kerala and appreciated by the visitors, he took a step further to include the cruising experience for the guests in mechanized and country boats to visit the island around.

Oyster Opera


  • Mussel
  • Oyster
  • Clam
  • Shrimp
  • Crab
  • Float House


  • 24 hours power backed up
  • 1 bedroom ceiling fan
  • 2 bedside lamps
  • 1 bed room with twin bed
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